This article in Tube & Pipe Journal details the troubles our customer, Matt Planer, went through to build his company from an idea to a startup to a growing supplier of law enforcement products now selling worldwide. Our congratulations to Matt and everyone involved with Police Innovations.

We’re grateful for how he describes our role in his success as manufacturing partner when interviewed for the story. “This growth is only possible because of TAB Industries,” said Planer.

Matt had been getting quite a few orders but his previous metal fabricator wasn’t producing the SPAR supplemental restraint devices on time or on spec and many of those that were delivered to his customers were rejected for quality issues or due to damage in transit. On top of that, Matt struggled with replacement parts and communication with the metal shop alternated between unresponsive and unsatisfying.

“TAB’s design engineers immediately redesigned a number of parts for much faster, more efficient manufacturing,” he said. “They’re a game-changer, and sometimes I can’t believe how they’ve done so well for us.”

The Tube & Pipe Journal exclusive article describes how we provide design engineering, metal fabrication, laser cutting, welding, and other metalworking services as part of our turnkey manufacturing service. With this approach, we help Matt, and other companies in similar positions, outsource their entire manufacturing operation to our team at TAB.

We’re setup to take on the entire process from product design, sourcing materials, metal fabricating, and assembly to warehousing, maintaining inventory, packaging, and delivery directly to the customers. We’re even setup to process the incoming orders and manage fulfillment, shipping and global logistics.

As the article reveals in much more detail, we helped Matt eliminate damage in transit by using our patent-pending orbital stretchwrapping machine to safeguard the fabricated metal chairs from shifting and falling over inside the truck. It’s called the TAB Wrapper Tornado and it wraps stretch wrap 360 degrees under and around the pallet and the restraint chair to secure each unit to the pallet as a single, unitized pallet load. See the orbital wrapper videos here.

We’re very happy for Matt’s success and are always honored to see our name in an FMA publication.

Read the full article here.