When evaluating metal fabricating companies and getting quotes for metal fabrication work, there is usually a fair amount of communication up front as the customer makes sure the metals manufacturer can and will do the job exactly as intended, and the metal shop makes sure the project is likely to lead to a positive relationship. But with so much effort and attention focused on building new business and advancing projects to a signed purchase order, what exactly happens to a custom metal fabricating project after the purchase order gets signed?

At TAB Industries, we immediately provide a formal confirmation in writing documenting receipt of the purchase order, verifying the deliverables, quality specifications, lead times, freight terms, shipping address, and any other notes or special requirements from our prior conversations. Since most of the design, engineering, material sourcing, specifying, and other work was already investigated or completed in order to provide an accurate quote, the actual metal fabrication process typically moves very fast once given the go ahead.

Next, your purchase order is sent with all associated drawings to every department head involved in the project. The production manager checks scheduling to meet the lead time, the manufacturing lead verifies the ideal fabrication process for quality and efficiency, the supply chain manager verifies whether the steel, sheet metal, or other material is in stock or needs to be ordered, and the accounting manager ensures the back end is properly setup for smooth administration. Any questions get resolved here at the outset before any bending, welding, laser cutting, or other steps move forward.

Once all department heads verify everything is ready to go, we produce a single part (depending on the order) for our head of quality control to inspect. Once approved, we unleash the manufacturing team. Additional quality checks are performed during and/or after the process based on the volume and type of order as needed. When complete, the fabricated metal project is typically palletized and packaged using our patented TAB Wrapper Tornado stretch wrapping machine with the packing slip and any other paper work secured inside.

Then, the shipping and logistics department works with our favorite carriers to get the fastest delivery at the lowest possible cost. We’ll often send an alert or call at this step to bring the good news that your order is loaded on the truck and on the road. Then accounting sends the invoice, and we look forward to your call, email, or text letting us know everything arrived on time exactly as planned.

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