We’re a welding company in Pennsylvania but we do much more than welding in our Reading, PA metal fab shop. We’re a full-service manufacturer and welding aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and other materials is a core competency that we use in a vast majority of our jobs. But it’s only one step in the overall process.

As a turnkey operation, many of our customers ask us to take on welding and several other steps in the manufacturing process. We’ll often take on the entire project from design engineering all the way through to drop shipping the finished product direct to their customers. This might involve laser cutting, CNC machining, parts fabrication, powder coating, assembly, packaging, and of course, welding.

We do it all in-house and more and more manufacturers are realizing we can streamline the process and get their products shipped out to their customers faster than their own systems allow. This also saves on labor costs and eliminates their risk in keeping staff on the job.

Well, as a rising tide lifts all ships, and as orders for these ongoing, turnkey projects increased, we expanded our laser cutting capabilities, we expanded our parts fabrication capabilities, and now we’ve expanded our welding capabilities – by more than 300 percent.

We added a new MIG welding table, two TIG welding tables, storage racking, and all the welding gloves, glasses, and other welding gear needed for a safe, clean, high quality welding department. We also added an electrostatic cleaning station for stainless steel. It wasn’t inexpensive but we’re very aware of what our customers need and want from us as a manufacturing partner. Speed is as critical today as quality and there’s no time to send work out for welding, laser cutting, or other secondary services – especially when those vendors might be struggling under lockdowns, lacking experienced workers, or unable to get materials.

With the entire project under one roof – ours – we know it’s going to get done on time and on spec whether it’s a quick weld or a complete product design and manufacturing project.  

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