Assembly + Packaging

We Do It All

TAB Industries offers a wide range of assembly, packaging and supply chain services in-house as a special service to laser cutting and metal fabrication customers. Providing a closed loop from design and manufacturing to packaging, warehousing, and delivery, TAB takes responsibility for every step of the process to ensure every product ships out fully inspected, tested, protected, on-spec and on time every time. Using our highly trained staff adds efficiency to the process, promotes quality assurance, eliminates days for product in transit from the schedule, and allows the finished product to be delivered to the customer or end user fast with less risk and less potential for error. In fact, by packaging pallet loads with the TAB Wrapper Tornado and shipping from our high volume facility in central Pennsylvania, TAB frequently scores major savings in freight costs for OEM manufacturers, distributors, and other companies.

TAB Industries Electrical Panel Assembly
TAB Industries Police Innovations Chairs

Assembly Partner Case Study

For Police Innovations, LLC, an equipment supplier to law enforcement, TAB manufactures seated prisoner restraint systems. TAB engineers worked with Owner Matthew Planer to advance the concept to a design, then developed a 3D solid model, and recommended adjustments to allow fast production, reduce the weight, cut the number of parts, and ease the assembly process.

TAB specifies, sources and inventories the raw material, laser cuts the sheet metal into parts, and produces other parts by bending, forming, and other machining services. Parts in process are organized and secured as they move from welding to powder coating. With each order in quantity, TAB assembles the finished products to spec, performs quality testing and inspections, then palletizes each unit one per pallet. Banding is applied to keep the rolling restraint chair in place. Then it’s on to the TAB Wrapper Tornado for stretchwrapping the chair to the pallet – no boxes or crates required. Labels are printed and applied then the company’s signature products are staged ready for delivery. This entire process moves seamlessly within a single facility. TAB manages the freight contracts and provides reports and documentation as required.
TAB Industries Police Innovations Wrapped Chairs