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Highly Skilled

The TAB Industries custom metal fabrication shop integrates the latest, automated CNC machines and traditional sheet metal machining, milling and turning stations with a wide range of secondary operations such as welding, powder coating, painting, and assembly services – performed in-house. With a highly skilled design engineering team and veteran machine operators, TAB offers the rare blend of fabricating experience, expertise and high-tech equipment to manufacture nearly any metal part, assembly or finished product. Choose complex shapes with multiple angles, bends, holes, slots and notches in massively large quantities or a single prototype. TAB engineers provide design support and recommend the most efficient metalworking process to meet exacting tolerances at the fastest speed and lowest cost possible. Top quality is assured at every step, inspected and verified on-site, and delivered on time every time – with no minimum order.

Press Brake at TAB Industries
TAB Industries Machining Metal Parts

OEM Custom Metal Parts and Products

TAB Industries specializes in producing custom metal parts, component systems, and finished, fully assembled products for OEM manufacturers. With a customer list that includes Mack Trucks, Volvo, Target, Rite Aid, DKS Steel Door & Frame Systems, Cal-Royal Products, Giant, and other large companies, TAB offers a proven track record for serving the unique and changing needs of OEM metal part sourcing and purchasing managers. Rely on TAB for:

  • Strict confidentiality
  • Personal, dedicated technical support representative
  • Access to TAB ownership and executive team
  • 24/7 production
  • Customized terms
  • Deadline guarantees

Metal Fabricating Near Me

From the metal fabricating center in central Pennsylvania, TAB serves companies in every industry in Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Massachusetts and throughout the United States and Canada. With extensive supply chain and logistics expertise and a location just off major highways, TAB understands how to minimize freight costs and cut time in transit at the outset of a metal fabricating project to offer competitive rates to companies well outside of Reading, Pennsylvania.