Try TAB for on-spec metal parts and finished products delivered on deadline and on budget. Our expert team of metalworking professionals offers a unique range of skills and experience with a serious commitment to personal service that only a family-owned manufacturer can offer. From massive, automated production runs on the latest machinery to designing a single prototype, TAB serves as a trusted partner every step of the way.



Try TAB for highly accurate metal parts cut clean and fast, fast, fast! With automated, state-of-the-art cutting machinery and an expert operations team, TAB meets record-breaking lead times at the lowest cost possible.


The TAB metal shop produces nearly any part to exacting specifications on a slate of fully automated and traditional machining stations. Welding, cutting, powder coating and other operations all provided in-house.


TAB features a complete coating line in-house to apply durable, indoor – outdoor protection to metal parts, assemblies and even large, finished products – in any color.


The TAB design team excels at designing superior quality parts and products that can be manufactured fast, efficiently, and at the lowest cost possible. Just bring an idea, sketch or finished drawing to get started.

TAB Wrapper Tornado

Protect metal parts in transit, in-process, and in storage with the patent-pending orbital wrapping system that earned the Material Handling Product News “Product of the Year” award – twice!

“TAB takes care of everything for me from laser
cutting, machining, welding and powder coating through
assembly, packaging and delivery. They always respond
fast and pay close attention to every detail. I only wish
I’d started working with TAB sooner.”

Matthew Planer

Police Innovations, LLC

Moving the family metal fabrication shop

Lessons learned from serial relocating

After moving the fab shop to larger and larger facilities four times in nine years, Tom Brizek of TAB Industries learned a lot about making a relocation as smooth as possible. Here, he lets other metal fabricators know what to consider before embarking on a potentially costly relocation.

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