Laser Cutting


Try TAB Industries laser cutting services for consistently accurate metal parts and products delivered fast and on-spec with record-breaking lead times included as standard procedure. Our dedicated laser cutting team offers many decades of metalworking experience. Our operators apply a savvy level of understanding that translates to faster, more precise production at less cost. TAB makes sure to maximize the number of parts produced per sheet, save on raw material costs, and deliver clean, top quality parts on-time every time. Whether producing thousands upon thousands of metal parts for OEM manufacturers in massive, automated runs or a single prototype for a startup, TAB provides a unique blend of laser cutting capabilities, metal cutting expertise and personal service.

Laser Cutting at TAB Industries
TAB Industries Laser Cutter Up Close with Sparks


TAB produces high quality, custom laser cut metal parts from steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and many other metals using Bescutter 3300 W Fiber Optic Laser cutting machinery and FLY3015 Bescutter Fiber Laser cutting machine. These automated, high speed laser cutting machines allow clean, precise cuts in a wide range of material thicknesses far superior to waterjet, plasma or other traditional cutting methods without requiring deburring or other secondary cleanup operations. Very thin, small or sensitive component parts for medical or electronic equipment, for example, may be quickly cut to exacting, repeatable specifications. Since TAB saves every order in a digital library at the laser cutter, every order meets identical specifications even years apart.


From the laser cutting center in central Pennsylvania, TAB serves companies in every industry in Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Massachusetts and throughout the United States and Canada. With extensive supply chain and logistics expertise and a location just off major highways, TAB understands how to minimize freight costs and cut time in transit at the outset of a laser cutting project to offer competitive rates to companies well outside of Reading, Pennsylvania. The laser cutting metal shop is available for large quantity production runs that require 24/7 operation.

Andy Brizek using Laser Cutter at TAB Industries