Design Engineering

Expert Design

TAB Industries offers expert design engineering services in-house to ensure every metal part, assembly, and finished product to be manufactured achieves the desired levels of strength, durability, rust resistance, and other properties at the lowest cost possible. Our highly skilled product design and development team will review your idea, sketch, or napkin drawing and transform the concept into a viable product ready for a prototype and manufacture, all visualized in advance using AutoCAD and SolidWorks 3D modeling. Or upload a drawing and our engineering team will review the design and recommend the ideal manufacturing process to meet challenging quality requirements in high volumes at the fastest production rate and lowest cost possible. At TAB, our design engineers draw on a hands-on understanding of every facet of the metal fabrication process. It’s easy to see every angle, eliminate potential pitfalls, and ensure a successful production run before a single sheet, bar, tube, or other raw material gets purchased. Our suite of design software seamlessly integrates with the software powering our advanced machinery to ensure our engineers and operators speak the same language and every drawing appears identical from concept to production. This high level of communications serves as another reason we meet fast lead times and prevent errors and delays.

As the metalworking partner for OEM manufacturers, our clever design engineering team often helps upgrade or improve parts and products for greater strength, more efficient production, and/or safer, easier operation. Multiple parts may be consolidated into a single, stronger part, for example, which also eliminates the need for welding and fasteners. Or, a complete product may be re-engineered in collaboration with OEM product managers to fit UPS or FedEx requirements and permit lower cost shipping.

TAB Industries Design Engineering Workstation


Upload a drawing or sketch by clicking the button below or call to talk about your project. We’ll offer free guidance and ideas and help shape it into a series of specifications that can be quoted. We can work with nearly any file type:

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