We’ve been expanding our slate of in-house metalworking services over the years to offer more and more value to our metals manufacturing customers and take direct control over the quality of our custom metal parts and finished products. But just because we now offer laser cutting, metal fabrication, welding, bending, machining, and many other services in-house doesn’t mean we see the many metal fabricating companies, laser cutting companies, and other custom metal parts manufacturers we’ve worked with over the years as mere rivals and competitors.

Rather, we’re grateful to be a part of a thriving community of dependable machine shops, fabricators, metal cutting companies, and other manufacturers who focus on top quality parts and operate with integrity in business. We may compete against a nearby metal shop for a project today then receive a purchase order for thousands of laser cut metal parts from the same company, then send them our own purchase order to do a secondary operation on a big project to keep our workflow from getting backed up.

Metal Fabricators Offer Similar Services

The reality is that many metal fabricating companies in Pennsylvania offer the same or a similar range of services using the same types of equipment. Sure, our laser cutter may cut faster or another company’s welding department may be larger, but we’ve all developed our own areas of expertise and specialties and this can be a great help in trying to cut costs and deliver a project as efficiently as possible.

For a project in process right now, for example, our customer needed a sheet metal thickness that we do not stock as regular inventory. Instead of sourcing it in a costly small quantity, it made more sense to turn to a nearby metal shop that we knew would have this gauge of steel in stock and invite them to handle the cutting.

We manage the process and still do our quality inspections just in case. Our customer enjoys a low cost on a relatively small quantity project and both metal shops can earn a modest profit on a job that otherwise may not have moved forward.

With our vast network of friendly rivals and partners, we always have access to the specialized services or extra capacity needed to complete a job as efficiently as possible. And occasionally, there’s an emergency or urgent situation where you’re going to need a helping hand so it’s vital that we maintain friendly ties, lend a hand when we can, and feel willing to ask for help when needed.

When metal fabricators operate as a community, it improves our overall efficiency, supports profitability, and delivers more value for the customer. And in the event of tough times, we’ll bend without breaking.

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