It might surprise you to find out just how many manufacturers don’t manufacture very much on their own anymore. A huge amount of manufacturing, in fact, gets outsourced to other manufacturers like us.

In many, many cases, it’s simply faster and easier for large companies setup to manufacture in large volumes to work with more nimble manufacturers. Introducing a product that’s outside the company’s core product line, producing a product or part in a limited run or quantity that’s too small for its own production lines, and avoiding high internal costs or bureaucratic obstacles rank as some of the key reasons we’ve seen for OEMs to look to outside partners.

And smaller companies can begin selling as a manufacturer without investing in any facilities, machinery, equipment, or personnel.

Thanks to our wide range of in-house metalworking capabilities and track record for quality and personal service, other manufacturers in situations like these now make up a large part of our customer base.

With our specialized skills and experience in designing a part or product for metal fabrication, and in the fabricating, machining, cutting, welding, and other operations involved in a metals manufacturing project, we can operate more efficiently than much bigger manufacturers. And that means we can deliver faster with less risk, on-spec, on-deadline and on budget. For smaller manufacturers, we’re equipped to take on the entire project from concept and design through to delivery to the end user.

Many manufacturers also struggle with staffing and that’s one reason for the growth in our assembly and packaging services. Our assembly and packaging team in Reading, PA, comprises quality people who not only understand how to put sub-assemblies and entire machines together to spec but also understand the importance of doing it right the first time. Our goal for zero defects in assembly means zero orders rejected upon delivery. There’s no need to stress over finding, hiring, training, supervising, and budgeting for workers when our fully trained, experienced team of professionals is ready to go.

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