Metal fabricators usually focus their time and energy on buying just the right lineup of machinery to serve their customer base, on finding and training staff, and producing top quality metal parts on spec – plus building new business is a constant. But we’ve heard rumblings over the years that some fabricating companies don’t pay quite as much attention to the back end of the process.

Once their order is manufactured, inspected, and approved to go out the door, it can take a while before it actually goes out the door for delivery. Then even minor logistics errors with LTL, UPS, and other carriers can delay deliveries even longer. One extra day here, another day there, then the weekend, then one day you realize the customer hasn’t called in a very long time.

We know that every day matters and we demonstrate that commitment to your schedule with our 100% on-time delivery record. We’re as skilled and experienced in packaging and logistics as we are in fabricating metal parts. We don’t miss deadlines.

A key reason we meet every deadline is we’ve been a metal fabrication company in Pennsylvania for many, many years. We’ve tracked, calculated, and studied exactly how much time a given type of job takes from start to safe arrival at your location. We’ve seen a lot of different types of projects for every industry, we quickly know what’s involved in a particular job, and we know exactly how much sheet metal we can move through manufacturing in a given time period. We can be very accurate in scheduling every step at the outset so we can be very accurate in scheduling final delivery dates.

Another reason we can be confident in meeting delivery deadlines is our in-house lineup of new and automated machinery. We do our own laser cutting, welding, bending, forming, sanding, deburring, fastening, and a slate of other metalworking operations in our Reading, PA facility. We stock material on-site and even offer assembly services in-house. We can build your entire product to spec and deliver it directly to your customer. Since there’s usually no time to lose, we don’t want to risk delays in sourcing or by sending parts back and forth to outside vendors. This way, we control the schedule with few surprises and without much concern for the unknown.

Achieving a 100 percent on-time delivery record also demands 100 percent communication. We talk to each other and to our customers throughout the process, tracking and monitoring the entire operation in modern workflow software at all times. Everyone involved stays up to date at every step. If a special rush order with a crazy deadline comes up, we know right away if we can do it in time. The answer is usually yes. If not, we’re grateful to work with a network of trusted manufacturing partners who have proven they can meet our quality standards. We’re happy to make the call to be sure the rush job gets done right and on-time.

Of course, it isn’t enough for the order to arrive on time. It also needs to arrive safely and in exactly the number of pieces specified. That’s why we package palletized orders using the patented TAB Wrapper Tornado. Our orbital stretch wrapping machine wraps 360 degrees around and under the pallet and load to create a stable, sturdy, unitized load that doesn’t shift in transit. So much work has gone into getting your project designed, budgeted, manufactured, and delivered – we think it’s also important to protect it during shipping and show respect for all that went into the project upstream.

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